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We are launching Silicon Roundabout Ventures (SRV) to back the most disruptive Entrepreneurs in Europe’s Largest Deep Tech community!


As techies and entrepreneurs ourselves, we seek to invest in the very best of the Hi-Tech businesses from our growing network of founders and startups.

Our Vision is for SRV to empower entrepreneurs and engineers to build the next wave of Technologies through novel AI, CyberSecurity, IoT, Quantum-based, Distributed and Data-driven systems.


The goal of SRV – Fund 1 will be twofold:

  1. To back early stage ventures in Deep Tech that require “smart money” on their journey to Unicorn status;
  2. To provide superior returns to Institutional and Sophisticated investors by capturing the explosive growth of early stage Deep Tech startups in the UK


  • Founded in 2011, our monthly Silicon Roundabout Meetup is now the largest tech community in Europe with 14,000+ tech startup entrepreneurs, engineers and founders
  • In 2019 alone our network made us reach 5000+ startups, of which we reviewed 1000+ and selected to present and/or work with about 100
  • Ongoing discussion with several Family Offices, Institutional Funds of Funds, Private HNW Individuals and Growth Stage VC Funds interested in capturing the most exciting Deep Tech ventures of the 2020s

The Opportunity We Are Capturing

  • Tech startup growth in Europe is accelerating, led by the UK:
    Two companies founded in the 2000s had reached $B+ by 2008. Compare that to 31 founded in the 2010s that reached unicorn status by 2018 – an increase of 15.5x. Where will the 2020s end up by 2028?
  • Given its relatively low ratio of VC investment in startups to GDP, European VC investment could grow fourfold or fivefold before reaching the levels in the U.S.
  • Traditional VCs are investing too little in Deep Tech – and when they do, they are often wrong:
    • 40% of Venture-backed startups in Europe that claim to have AI, actually don’t have any.
    • European investors injected just over $8B in Deep Tech ventures in 2018 – an Atomico commissioned report found this to be because “many VC investors do not have the expertise and structures in place to assess and support those [Deep Tech] companies
  • New VC Managers have consistently been outperforming established funds
  • The top 50% all VC funds worldwide today show returns that beat both the Public Markets and traditional Private Equity

Sources: Atomico Reports 2018 and 2019, MMC Ventures Survey “The State of AI: Divergence 2019”, Global Innovation Index, Crunchbase 2019 “Key Trends” forecast, Cambridge Associates “Venture Capital Positively Disrupts Intergenerational Investing”

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