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  • Google takes on Uber (again) through Deliveroo Investment May 17, 2019
    Want to keep up with Tech in UK and Europe? Join Silicon Roundabout here.Deliveroo and UberEats riders (image source: is leading a $575 million investment in the UK Startup Deliveroo.Amazon Explores Autonomous Delivery Vehicles (source: moves means buying a slice of the food delivery company, which is growing rapidly across Europe, and taking […]
  • Beer & Blockchain: What’s Not To Love? May 10, 2019
    Beer & Blockchain: What’s Not To Love?A Cryptocurrency That Nourishes The Local Community Whilst Enjoying a PintWhen Florian Krueger met the founder of German Kraft Beer Brewery (GKBB), Florian Bollen, and heard that he wanted to create a cryptocurrency for his beer, he was like:“Really?! Why?”Then Krueger, a highly experienced data scientist and tech expert, discovered the integrity […]
  • Time To Rebrand Drones: Tools Not Toys March 27, 2019
    The potential for drone technology to automate the world’s most dangerous jobs is underrepresented in a space dominated by controversy.Continue reading on Silicon Roundabout Hub »

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Rupert Cheek

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Cheeky Fest is an arts festival launching in London, comprising

an OPERA in progress - story by Chris Eales, music by Rupert Cheek (@WAKTM)

Chris Eales’ We All Know Too Much arrived in my Inbox via the “Highway” that was the "Internet" in 2006. In April 2009 I asked him to explain how he came to write it:

"Studying Philosophy & Theology led me (as it has done for so many other troubled souls throughout history) to a sort of existential confusion, bordering on despair, and so I remained for many years, haunted by the ghosts of Descartes & Aristotle, and caught in the dilemma faced by any man who, like me, is in possession of a first-class imagination, but a second-class mind! Slowly but surely, the rigours of rationality and certainty, were replaced by the illusions & delusions of literature & art, and I fell in love with dreamers & romantics like Ray Bradbury & Anne Rice, leading me to a more positive, more beautiful appreciation of life.

Questions as to the nature of consciousness, and the future of Humanity led me (like Asimov and others in the great pantheon of Science Fiction), to write a book based in the future, that wondered how Mankind might progress. My Theology background, and my fascination & indignation as to the horrors of fanaticism & religious fundamentalism, meant that these themes crept into the book as well. The title of the book & main character came (literally) from a dream I had in August 2006. The title was intended both as a description of the characters in the book, whose knowledge gets them into terrible trouble, and also as a description of Mankind, and how knowing, learning and progressing (too much?) leads us inevitably to keep reaching, searching, and growing towards a destiny that none of us can really know, or guarantee.

We all know too much"

Other performances inspired by ideas explored in the opera, across a range of art forms including music in a number of genres / styles, dance, theatre, live art aka performance art, (spoken word / written) poetry, visual arts, film. We’ll be looking for Performers who wish to get involved directly with the opera

Mentorship / Management / education for those involved - provided by others involved in the festival

Fairly Paid Work for those involved

Fundraising for charities in each host city

Platform for & investment (via @Cheeky Ventures) in arts / music / events Startups & businesses - an 'opportunity' to share ideas & connect with potential partners, clients & customers. We will look for Startups whose technology / hardware / software / instruments could be used in the Opera.

Go on Tour across the UK, Europe, the USA & beyond,

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