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How often have you found yourself checking out of an airbnb or hotel on your travels, with plenty of time left to keep sightseeing until your flight in the evening? And how many times were your plans tailored to the bags you had with you, having somewhere to store them or carrying them?
Sherpa provides a reliable day-of luggage delivery service for people travelling through major transport hubs (airports, train stations). Our mobile site allows travelers to book a luggage pick-up on-demand, whether sending it from their Airbnb, home or hotel to the airport/station, and vice versa. Sherpa couriers will collect luggage from travelers' accommodation or upon landing and deliver it to their desired location at their specified time.



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Special Deal for The Hub

We are pricing the delivery service at £20/bag, but offering 50% off to SR HUB members with code ‘sherpalaunch’. At just £10/bag whether big or small we will deliver it between London stations and Heathrow, Gatwick, London City Airports and homes or hotels in zones 1-3 in London!

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