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We Make Change

We Make Change gives you the power to change the world. Our platform enables anyone, anywhere to use their skills to make the change they want to see. Our communities connect people who care about the same causes to develop projects that make change happen.

How It Works
We connect people from across the world who care about the same causes and enable them to collaborate with organisations to make change happen. Here’s how:
1. ChangeMakers - Individuals create a ‘ChangeMaker’ profile, identifying the skills they have, the causes they care about, and the time they can give.
2. Communities - ChangeMakers join communities with people who care about their same causes, cities, or organisations, and collaborate online to develop project ideas.ChangeMaker.
3. We Make Change - We enable ChangeMakers and organisations to form online project teams with the skills needed to make change happen.



Special Deal for The Hub

If you are a high-impact organisation that is making positive change happen, we'll provide you with the opportunity to win a 30 day free trial to use our platform to develop your own online volunteering community to support your cause.

Startup Stage

Raising funds

    Hey guys, which countries/cities do you cover?
    James Sancto
    @leelee87 Hi! We enable anyone, anywhere to become a ChangeMaker and use their skills to support the causes they care about. People can join existing projects or submit their own ideas, wherever the impact of that project might be in the world: https://www.wemakechange.org/current-projects/ Our communities cover global causes, as well as specific cities. We will soon be launching our first city community in London: https://www.wemakechange.org/current-communities I hope that answers your question, but let me know if you'd like any more details!
    Paul Web Cloud
    Fast and furious 9 upcoming

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