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Smart Migrator is all about democratising cloud migrations worldwide. It is the world’s first fully automated cloud migration platform that solves one of the biggest recognised IT pains. Migrating to the cloud is a complex challenge, requires specialist skills and is very expensive ($1-3k+/VM average). The market is dominated by a few big managed (manual) migration providers like IBM, Accenture, DXC Technology and more. Their services are unaffordable for most companies, leaving a huge underserved gap on the market. Essentially most SMEs are not able to migrate.

We are set to cause major global disruption by offering the world's first fully automated cloud migration platform. It combines an intuitive and simple-to-use guided user interface that controls a very complex smart automation engine. The result - 3-10x+ lower cost, 6-10x+ quicker migrations, no need for specialist skills and zero risks of human error compared to the managed migration providers.



Special Deal for The Hub

We are actively looking for early adopters to test our MVP. We are also able to help with current pressing cloud migration projects utilising our platform and our world-class cloud migrations team. We are certain to offer a considerable cost and duration saving compared to managed migration providers while offering a world-class service. We offer special discounted rates to SR Hub members.

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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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