With Meritt, anyone can easily create & distribute their unique digital assets themselves according to their need - whether to issue a token for a community to vote on and finance a project, issue a loan to get finance or issue a token to trade services directly with peers. Meritt removes the middle man and the fees and puts the power back into your hands. Join the blockchain revolution and try the Meritt dApp!



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In the very near future, a lot of the world’s interactions will be intermediated by unique digital assets (or blockchain tokens). In addition, millions of new decentralised economies based on communities will thrive on the blockchain, each with their unique tokens operating in a direct peer to peer environment without a middle man.
For example, a community could decide to issue its own digital assets and sell them to members to vote on and fund a project that benefits the entire community. The community issuer decides on rights attached to the tokens held by members, these could be voting rights for members to vote on the use of the total proceeds, or rights to dividend from potential profit made by the project.
With Meritt, individuals, communities and businesses can now easily issue bespoke and unique digital assets with ease and without fees or intermediaries. This simple, but revolutionary tool is the key to decentralising essential services and activities like issuing a community token or equity to fundraise, issuing a loan to get finance or issuing a token to trade assets or services directly with peers.

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