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Make customer connect over your webpages - Proactive! Instead of the visitors exploring and clicking on the webpage unaided, have the LiteBlu First Connect Bot, proactively engage the visitors and improve the conversion rate.
It's like the chat platforms like LiveChat and Intercom - but chatbot driven, and so avoids the cost overheads of manual response, but with the advantage of 24x7 support & accuracy.
Instead of being just NLP driven, LBFC has a unique 3 layered approach of Closed Domain AI + Best in class NLP + Human assistance, that provides the highest level of accuracy for ready services like Lead Generation, Reporting an Issue, Feedback, Surveys & Polls and much more.
LBFC also has a Graphical User Interface driven console service wrapper, to effortlessly edit/add elements of the bot at any time.
LiteBlu First Connect is targetted at Small & Medium Enterprises or as a starter pack for Enterprises looking to have conversational i/o to their business processes.



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Special Deal for The Hub

LiteBlu First Connect Bot retails at $24.99/month for an annual contract.
SR HUB members can get an exclusive offer of:
a) First 3 months Free!
b) Additional 3 Channels of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Skype – Free!
c) 3 Additional NLP Intents added to the Chatbot – Free!

To activate service, please reach out to contactus@hashblu.com, and share promo code SRHUB_LOVES_LBFC

Startup Stage


    Paul D
    What mobile platforms can be integrated with? I have an iOS app
    Somnath Biswas
    @friendzi Thanks for the query. We can support both IOS and Android. Happy to chat :P further, if it's of interest. Let know.
    Somnath Biswas
    Many thanks to everyone you sent in their best wishes and votes that helped us win! It was also a pleasure interacting with the other founders on the panel and a special shout out of thanks to the #SiliconRoundAbout team for the opportunity! Hurrah for TeamHashBlu! Hurrah for #AI for #smallbusiness

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