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LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing platform and it provides access to a powerful network cloud of 2000+ real browsers and operating system that helps testers in cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility testing.

In addition to features like live interactive testing, screenshot based layout testing, responsive testing, and smart visual interface comparison, LambdaTest also integrates with major test management and task management tools giving users the capability to log bugs in their platform of choice directly from LambaTest suite itself.

The tool is useful for anyone who builds or owns a website or web application, giving them online capabilities to make their websites and apps pixel perfect and cross browser and cross platform compatible.

We also have a very popular Chrome extension and a WordPress extension as well.



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Special Deal for The Hub

We are running exclusive pricing for startups. We can offer up to 40% discount on all yearly plans. Also we have freemium plans as well. We can generate a special coupon code like SR25 or SR35 offering 25% or 35% discount on all plans.

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