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Kodiri offers a motivational environment to help users with their coding skills by playing a series of challenges. After completing a particular game -from beginner to expert level-, players get a score based on their performance across several metrics captured during the exercise. The code can be analysed at any time, so players learn from their mistakes by contrasting their approach against the others.

Companies looking for coding talent can create private challenges, to compare and rank candidate skills based on their technical performance. The healthy competitive nature of Kodiri motivates users to keep practising and playing against each other, affecting positively on both their technical skills and market value.

The platform handles a wide range of analysis and stats, including the best players, most awarded users and top countries.



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Special Deal for The Hub

Unlock the full power of Kodiri
Feel de joy of modern coding, regardless of your position in the IT world. Exclusive deal for SR HUB members.

* For programmers
Get access to the full training programme, with hundreds of technical challenges and dozens of professional video tutorials.

* For companies
Create private Coding Challenges to compare and rank candidate skills based on their technical performance.

* For tech influencers
Organise public Challenges to engage your coding community with interactive and entertaining coding sessions.

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