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Deary Chat
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More and more we are using massaging-apps to communicate. All our messages now are stacked in huge and useless backups. But new generations are building their relationships and friendships there. They share more than 10 BILLION messages every day. There is lots of emotional value in their text-messages. There are meaningful messages that can tell the story of a friendship or be retrieved when we feel lonely and sad.

Deary is an app that uses Machine Learning to automatically retrieve, curate and make alive again people's most meaningful messages. We create personal diaries with the most meaningful messages. Each user can retrieve years of conversations in few seconds. And, with the most important friends, they can keep chatting in our app that automatically will save their conversations.



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Users that buy the diary form siliconroundabout will recieve a 20% discount. USE the code “promosilicon”

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