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Robo.CEO is an operating system for running self-organising companies online. A single platform built to increase your capacity to self-organise successfully, from the bottom-up.

It acts as a communication backbone for all of your organisation's internal operations, with workflows and play-books which nudge you towards better work practices. That includes collective decision making mechanisms, transparent and open communication channels, and a data structure which enables you to find what you need in the chaos of information that self-organisation creates.

We want to give you more capacity to do 3 main things:

INPUT: Share more knowledge and put it to good use
ALIGN: Keep aligned around the big picture, while constantly adapting
EXECUTE: Maintain the context needed to effectively self-manage



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Special Deal for The Hub

Silicon Roundabout sign-ups to our Beta will jump to the front of our 200+ person waiting list and get a 2 month free trial.

Just sign-up to the Beta on our website and enter SILICONROUNDABOUT when asked to leave a message.

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