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FurzAid Animal Rescue App | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
FurzAid Animal Rescue App
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FurzAid Ltd

FurzAid is a new concept App that empowers an army of Animal Loving device users with a simple action tool to bring assistance to any stray, lost or found, injured, ill or just down-trodden animal that they find anywhere.

The ease of the FurzAid user experience of Photo – GeoTag – Comment – Post, connects the App user to those local Charities, Sanctuaries, Organisations, Veterinarians & Volunteers, to bring speedy assistance to the animal in need. Be the animal domestic wildlife, farm or even marine. We are developing an app that empowers you to take action in less than 30 seconds, using only your phone. There is no other platform anywhere in the world that provides quick access, connectivity and assistance, with such broad scope but also with a simple and streamlined user experience.



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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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