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DiscoverBrands is an online platform that enables consumers discover brands, especially new ones. It’s the world’s database of brands. It has two target audiences: consumers and brands. It is useful for consumers as they spend their past time visiting shopping malls to discover the brands that have set up stores. This is evident by the fact that shopping malls, by design, have
interconnecting walkways that enable consumers walk from store to store. This design makes the consumers hover their eyes around to discover these stores leased by brands. As DiscoverBrands, we are trying to digitize this experience as there exists no other platform that does that. It is currently accessible as Web and Android Apps. DiscoverBrands is an improvement from traditional business directories such as Yellow Pages as the latter confines organizations to finite categories while DiscoverBrands allows organizations to define as many keywords related to their organization.



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List their brands on our platform for free and get found by our powerful search engine upon defining their keywords.

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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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