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Traditional cloud is made of massive and pollutants data center that are drying out our planet and have the control of our data. Cubbit is the chance to reshape it as a place with no gatekeeper.
Together, as a Swarm, we are creating a distributed network to take back control over our own data. And there's more: the distributed nature of Cubbit cloud makes it 10x greener than traditional data centers.

The Cubbit Cell is the hardware that allows Cubbit technology to work: protects your files with three layers of security.
First, by encrypting them with AES 256, a military-grade encryption protocol; then, by dividing them into chunks; finally, by spreading these chunks across the network of Cubbit Cells in order to ensure redundancy and constant uptime.
The device comes with 500 GB of storage space, but there is no upper limit: just by plugging external hard drive disks the user can add more gigabytes. For free.



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Special Deal for The Hub

If you follow the link below, you can preorder a Cubbit cell at a very special Price – 199€ instead of 299€ – saving immediately 100€. You will also unlock the chance to lower the price even more by joining the Swarm Race.
This will grant pioneers like you the possibility to obtain a 10€ discount for every friend that you will bring inside our community. But there’s more: your friend will get 10€ off too.
The larger the Swarm, the stronger each bee.

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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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