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  • Deep Tech Seed Fundraising during COVID… and beyond May 14, 2020
    Last Tuesday, at Silicon Roundabout, we hosted our 1st Virtual Meetup — with our venture team, Fly. Venture and other European VCs attending: here are the key lessons for tech entrepreneurs to take awayVC investment is about 50% down. Some investors don’t even take up new commitments. Those that do are taking over a month longer to make […]
  • 8 Free Apps That Will Supercharge Your Startup Remote Setup April 24, 2020
    Plus a shortlist of 20+ resources and tips on how to thrive through the COVID-19 lockdownWe at Silicon Roundabout Ventures have been used to remote work for a while, yet being all stuck home 100% of the time meant quite a bit of reorganisation.Gone are the days of reaching out to your colleague on the desk […]
  • Venture Capital is Fuelling Innovation Since Renaissance Florence in 1400 March 17, 2020
    A History of Venture Capital as an Engine to Promote Enterprise, Wealth Spreading and Innovation500 Years of Venture CapitalLast month took place in Berlin what’s possibly Europe’s largest Private Equity and Venture Capital twin conference of our age: SuperReturn + SuperVenture.The Silicon Roundabout Ventures team attended as an emergent VC fund manager and found a strong […]

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