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Uriji Jami

Everything you've done has a value and everything you dream makes you powerful. In Uriji your profile shows your past and your future. This way, it's an expression of how much value you give to your experiences, and how big your dreams are.
You share and you gain!
In this network, you decide how much money you get for telling your own stories. Share an experience you have lived, put a price on it and sell it! You will generate value in someone's life while you receive money for what you choose to share. Pretty cool, right?

You dream and you create!
Where do you want to make an impact in the future? Take a dream you have, choose the date when you want to make it happen and share it! Be open to let other people help you, either by giving you some advice or donating money to your project! No matter how big or small, in Uriji each one of your dreams empowers you.

Your potential: your greatest resource
By sharing your dreams and stories you recognize the real value of your life: your pot



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