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AimBrain On Demand
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AimBrain On Demand is our free developer dashboard that lets technical audiences integrate biometrics into their web/mobile apps for stronger user authentication.

We use open-source SDKs and APIs to add facial or voice recogition into any web, mobile or back-end application, and offer up to 1000 API calls a month, for free, for life.

Stronger user authentication and access management reduces fraud, cuts costs and improves the user experience. Register, integrate your app, generate an API key and start using biometrics to improve security in your app. No more passwords, PINs or 2FA SMS push notifications. Set your own acceptance / rejection rate using a simple model.

Search for AimBrain On Demand, or register today: https://dashboard.aimbrain.com/register


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Free App available at the link below!


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    David Barker
    When you say free, do you mean that there is no costs to businesses implementing your API?
    Karen Quinn
    @davidb Hi David. Businesses or individuals can register for the dashboard and integrate web or mobile apps with our voice/facial authentication modules. It is free for 1000 API requests per month, forever, which can be used across multiple apps too. Drop us a line at sales@aimbrain.com if you'd like to know more. Karen, head of marketing at AimBrain.

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