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Revolutionising Browser Automation with No-Code and AI: Meet The Next Frontier in Browser Automation, a browser automation startup, is making waves in the no-code space by enabling users to build and use browser bots for automating website actions and repetitive tasks without writing a single line of code.

With no-code capabilities and an upcoming AI integration, Axiom is poised to revolutionise the browser automation space and make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accessible to the masses.

In this blog, we’ll explore‘s features, its potential impact on the future of work, and how it compares to its competitors. Browser Automation Made Easy is a software platform that allows users to automate website interactions, web scraping, data entry, and spreadsheet automation, among other tasks. The software is available as a Chrome extension, and through, users can create custom “bots” to automate online tasks without any coding knowledge. These can then be run manually, or via automated triggers by connecting to services like Zapier or Make (formerly called Integromat), or even via custom webhooks.

One testament to their success is their ranking 1st on Google for the search term “automate AI.” As well as being the most used browser automation app on the Chrome Web Store (ranking 1st for “browser automation”). This demonstrates the increasing awareness and recognition of Axiom’s browser automation capabilities and they’re being perfectly positioned to capitalise on their recent AI capabilities, which will launch very soon!

The growth of can be linked to the increasing popularity of no-code tools, as evidenced by the rising Google Trends search related to no-code. Users with experience in automation and no-code tools, such as Airtable and Zapier, are quickly adopting as a go-to solution for browser automation.

I’ve actually been using myself for a variety of tasks in the last couple of years. From helping me scrape data out of websites, to parsing emails and even helping me programmatically interface with a web service that did not have an API. And both the capabilities of its engine and its UX are great and continue to improve month after month!

(Screenshot from one of my demo accounts)

What is is a cutting-edge browser automation platform that enables users to build and use browser bots for automating website actions and repetitive tasks on any website or web app. Designed with a no-code approach, Axiom makes it easy for individuals and businesses to save time and increase productivity by automating various tasks without the need for programming skills.

Accessible as a Chrome extension, Axiom can run in the cloud, simulating a browser 24/7, providing users with continuous automation capabilities. Some of the key features of include:

  • Visual Web Scraping
  • Data Entry
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • Automate any website interaction
  • Build custom bots, with no-code
  • Connect to Zapier, Make (formerly called Integromat), or Webhooks is built on the web automation framework Puppeteer, and its easy-to-use interface allows users to automate actions like clicking and typing on any website. With a wide range of customisable bots and templates, Axiom offers users the flexibility to create tailored solutions for their specific needs. The platform also integrates with Zapier, Make, and custom webhooks, enabling users to trigger bots based on external events or set schedules for their automation tasks.

As a comprehensive browser automation tool, is revolutionising the way businesses and individuals approach automation, making it more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

AI Capabilities Coming Soon

Axiom’s AI capabilities are expected to launch in April 2023, offering features such as:

  • Guiding users through bot creation
  • Restructuring data from a webpage
  • Auto-generating bots for users

These new features will help make RPA more accessible to a wider audience, without requiring coding expertise. Axiom’s vision is to enable anyone to automate tasks in their work environment, particularly in office settings where repetitive tasks are commonplace.

I actually got a sneak peek at these by sitting down with the CEO, Yaseer, and these features look truly transformative.

Impact on the Future of Work: Axiom vs. Zapier

As a no-code platform, makes robotic process automation (RPA) accessible to a broader audience, similar to how Zapier helped users leverage APIs without coding. The integration of AI capabilities with Axiom will further lower the barrier to accessing process automation, making it easier for users to design and execute task automation with little to no human supervision.

While Zapier connects systems with APIs, Axiom excels in automating tasks where APIs are not available. This allows users to interact with data, forms, and processes on web pages or web-based cloud platform interfaces. Startups have successfully built their products on top of Axiom when APIs were unavailable, such as tax filing automation and data-driven startups.

Competition and Differentiation

Axiom’s main competitors when it comes to browser automation include Phantom Buster (social automation focused), Magical (Extract, Transform, Load or ETL), and iMacros, a now discontinued pioneer of browser automation. Axiom differentiates itself as an end-to-end RPA automation platform on the browser. A platform that’s entirely no-code but also capable of handling complex processes across different websites and platforms. in the RPA and Automation Market: A Game-Changer

The RPA and automation market is booming, with Grand View Research projecting it to reach USD 25.56 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 40.6% from 2020 to 2027. In this dynamic landscape, is making waves by tapping into three key trends:

  1. No-code revolution: democratises browser automation, empowering users to build bots without coding expertise.
  2. AI and machine learning: Integrating AI capabilities will make even smarter and more adaptable in automating web tasks.
  3. Remote work and digital transformation:’s cloud-based solution is perfect for remote workforces, enhancing productivity through automation. is poised to disrupt the RPA market, making automation accessible to everyone and shaping the future of work.

Use Cases and Applications: Unlocking the Power of’s versatile and user-friendly platform opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. Here are some of the coolest use cases and applications that showcase the true potential of

1. Streamlined Data Entry and Extraction can automate data entry tasks, such as filling out online forms for tax filings or e-commerce orders. It can also extract data from various sources for analysis or integration into other systems. Examples include:

  • Web scraping for market research or competitor analysis
  • Aggregating data from multiple sources for reporting
  • Extracting contact information for lead generation

2. E-commerce and Online Store Management

Online sellers can leverage to automate tasks on platforms like Amazon Seller Central, Shopify, or Etsy. Examples include:

  • Managing inventory and orders
  • Updating product listings
  • Automating customer communication

3. Sales and Business Development Automation can help streamline lead generation and prospect outreach by automating tasks across platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Examples include:

  • Scraping contact information from social media profiles
  • Automating connection requests and follow-ups
  • Scheduling and sending personalised messages

4. Social Media Management and Monitoring can assist in automating social media tasks, from posting and scheduling content to monitoring and engaging with followers on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. Examples include:

  • Scheduling and publishing posts across multiple platforms
  • Automatically liking or commenting on relevant content
  • Gathering insights from social media analytics

5. Automating Data-Driven Startups

Startups that rely on collecting and sourcing data can use as part of their tech infrastructure. Axiom’s bots can be triggered programmatically via APIs, making it a perfect fit for data-driven businesses. Examples include:

  • Gathering datasets from different sources for analysis
  • Automating data collection for machine learning models
  • Integrating with custom applications for real-time data processing

6. Seamless Integration with No-Code Tools works in harmony with popular no-code tools like Airtable and Zapier, bridging the gap between website interactions and other cloud-based services. This enables users to create end-to-end automated workflows that save time and reduce manual effort.

With’s ever-growing list of use cases and applications, businesses and individuals can transform their daily tasks and uncover new opportunities for growth and efficiency. The power of automation is now at everyone’s fingertips, no coding skills required.

Why I Went from Early Adopter to Investor

Through running my tech community, Silicon Roundabout, I had the opportunity to invest in during their seed round in 2021. I did so as an SPV that preceded the launch of our community fund: Silicon Roundabout Ventures. And I could not be happier about doing so.

At the time, the platform was just an MVP, but it already showed exciting potential. And its founders, Yaseer, Alex, and Simon, had both the right skills to build the future of automation and a crystal-clear vision of where the market was going and what was needed to ultimately unlock their startup vision.

Since then, the company has experienced remarkable user growth, reflecting the strong demand for their innovative solution in the market.

Their tech development has been relentless, and their SEO strategy, combined with laser-focused customer profiling, helped them build a strong positioning in the market and spur organic growth and adoption. This demonstrates the increasing awareness and recognition of Axiom’s browser automation capabilities.

Plus! Axiom becoming the #1 plugin on the Chrome Web Store for browser automation highlights the growing popularity of their Chrome extension among users who seek efficient and user-friendly automation tools.

The strong growth in organic demand and high rankings on both Google and the Chrome Web Store indicate that is quickly becoming a key player in the browser automation and no-code space, positioning itself as a leader in democratising access to powerful automation tools for businesses and individuals alike.

Axiom’s Mission and Vision

Axiom aims to make process automation, once the domain of specialist software development teams, accessible to individuals without coding skills. With AI integration, Axiom is building a platform where users can easily create and customise automations with guidance from the AI itself, opening up automation possibilities for any office worker.

As the capabilities increase, its platform continues its march towards becoming the leading browser automation platform: by making RPA accessible to a wider audience and by compounding its leadership in the browser automation space.

As more people adopt no-code tools and embrace automation, Axiom is ultimately one to watch to understand what the future of work will look like.

Originally published on on April 20th 2023

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