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Digital Customer Experience with Deutsche Bahn | ekipa | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
Digital Customer Experience with Deutsche Bahn | ekipa
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We currently run a challenge, in which Deutsche Bahn is looking for innovations in all aspects of travelling. The focus is on digital innovations along the entire customer journey - from home to destination. The goal is to make travel more convenient, plannable and enjoyable with the help of technically and especially AI-based applications – in other words, to make the time on the train as enjoyable as possible.

Digital innovations could be based of one of the following examples:

  • Crowd Intelligence

  • Personal Assistance

  • Process Automation

  • On-Demand Customization

  • Neural Network and Identity Management

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Intelligence Ticket Maschine

  • etc.

Participating startups can only win in this challenge:

There is €25,000 for each winner (of course without giving up any shares), a three-month cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and the chance to win Deutsche Bahn as a cooperation partner, customer or as an investor.

You can find out more about the Challenge and the procedure via this link and also apply directly with a few clicks: https://app.ekipa.de/challenge/digital-customer-experience



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