Cruxy & Company

Who do we work for?

-CEO’s & board members

-Complex B2B technology –for example, Fintech, RegTech, Cyber, Capital Markets Tech, Blockchain

-The ambitious & open minded

-The ‘pirate inside’ who is bored of the status-quo

When we help them?

-In scale, when the pains of growth are recognised. Our sweet spot is series B & beyond, but meeting at series A is always interesting

-When they are spinning off. They have changed sector, size of client or proposition. They have created a void between strategy & execution and cannot focus

-At an inflection point – what got them here will not get them to the next stage

-At a dead end – a decision must be made now to either sink or thrive.

What are the specific issues we probe into beyond holistic strategy?

Pricing strategy

-We look beyond data to tie cost to market value, not cost of sales.

The proof

-We transformed the pricing structure for a Fixed Income Electronic Trading which, through in depth analysis, can allow for a 90% increase in annual license fee revenue.

Sales Transformation

-Digging into why a firm cannot convert sales or gain market traction by looking at the ‘who’, the ‘how’ & the ‘what’ in their entire sales process.

The proof

-We uncovered the disconnect between internal perception & market value for a technology firm. They subsequently increased their conversion rate by 50% & signed a £2m deal 6 months post engagement.


-Unlocking the next wave of growth by putting a brutal lens on both market data & human drivers in new markets

The proof

-A RegTech firm halted strategy to enter the US & Asian markets afer a £5m raise due to our interrogation into their product, execution & proposition.



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