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The ehab platform | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
The ehab platform
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The platform collects data from all members to automatically connect users with projects and developers in order to create optimal projects. We raise funds from a global community of investors by accepting payments via cryptocurrency selling tokenised shares in projects, these tokens are then tradable after a fixed holding period, with others on the platform. Utilising smart contracts we have created a project management tool to automate the workflow of the development process, cutting costs for developers and keeping projects in emerging markets transparent for their investors.



Video Pitch

Special Deal for The Hub

Silicon Roundabout members will receive a ‘first in line’ token. This one use token can be used to jump to the front of the que for an investment opportunity or for building a home via the platform.
Use the code ‘SRHUB First’ when creating an account.

Startup Stage


    Have you got any project live in the UK?
    Josh Graham
    @davidb Hi David, we have a few projects in planning: A 5 bedroom house on an infill site in Brixton 60 units for an eco-neighbourhood near southwold 90 units for an eco-neighbourhood near Attlebrough and several large sites along the A11 Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor.
    Josh Graham
    @joshmccgraham Correction* a 7 unit project (3x1 bedroom, 2x2 bedroom and 2x3 bedroom) on the infill site in Brixton
    @joshmccgraham Wow! Did you fund a flat development in London?
    Josh Graham
    @leelee87 We have not funded it yet. It is going through planning. The first project we fund is likely to be in Malaysia or Nigeria.

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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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