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Predict which customers want to leave you, understand why and intervene to save your customers and grow your business.

Churnly – can with 95% accuracy tell you exactly which of your customers are going to leave and why…

Why should I care?
Well, customer retention is WAY cheaper that customer acquisition. Boosting retention = a cheaper way of making money.

What else?
Most companies don’t even know that customers are planning on leaving them until those customers (and their dollars) are long gone and not interested in looking back – we’re changing that for you.

Great! But is it difficult to use?
No! Churnly is totally designed to be accessible to non-technical people. The whole point of Churnly is that we enable non-technical people to understand their customers better – and in doing so grow revenue and reduce acquisition costs!



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Free access to the Pro version of Churnly Use the code 4WFA and you'll get 4 weeks free access to the Pro features with unlimited ability to extend that free access via our referral scheme

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