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Affordable Golf! | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
Affordable Golf!
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Albies Golf Society

Never Pay A GreenFee Again ~ Join the Member Revolution Today ~

Don't let the two biggest reasons stop you from picking up a golf club for the first time (cost!), or continuing to improve (access to different courses + social group to play with!). Albies Golf Society is open to all abilities and ages, and is designed to offer you golf every week at fantastic golf courses all across the UK for a heavily discounted annual price. Please check out our 3 membership types on our website and we would love to welcome you to the Albies membership.



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Special Deal for The Hub

20% off for everyone associated with Silicon Roundabout (because London was our first launch site). Available on all three membership packages so whether you’re just starting out or looking to get your handicap down and play different courses, you surely can’t miss out on this! Just email hello@albiesgolf.co.uk

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