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Mia Travel Insurance | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
Mia Travel Insurance
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Travel insurance for people who don’t like insurance.

- Buying insurance is made simple and understandable. We ask you what you want, and we recommend what you need. All explained in plain English.
- Claims are hassle-free. We love to pay claims. So much so, we do everything we can to make it easy to claim for what you deserve.
- Checking what you’re covered for is extra easy. You can chat with Mia on Messenger, any time, any day.
- Discounts when buying insurance with friends. So you can save together, whilst having fun together.
- Make changes to your cover in seconds. Whether you’re adding extras or changing dates, changes are quick and simple through Messenger.



Special Deal for The Hub

We’ll be launching our travel insurance product in the next couple of months. Enter your email address, by clicking on the link, and we’ll share a 10% discount code when we launch!

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