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More Than Carrots | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
More Than Carrots
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Smart Consumer Ltd.

Guidance and nudges in food delivery or restaurant booking platforms to help meat reducers choose the restaurants with the most tempting veggie offerings.



Video Pitch

Special Deal for The Hub

No ‘deal’ yet – but if you are interested in what we do, please subscribe to our blog. The more followers we get, the easier it is for us to sell this to the big platforms. And once we are there, we’ll get you special deals!

Startup Stage


    Your blog is quite interesting, but I'm not sure you can call yourself a startup without a business offer / product
    Annette Burgard
    @davidb Hi David, our product is B2B and only visible to consumers once it's included within other apps. You can currently see our labels within the CityMunch app and we are in discussions for other partnerships. Early days still, but stay tuned!
    have you been able to validate the business model? could you create a traction? The idea seems good, the more people will reduce meat the better, but how many will listen that??

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