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Sportive People

SportivePeople is sports social network and market place platform for all sports community worldwide.
The platform is for every sports categories from Football, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby to eSports.
SportivePeople aims to meet all needs of sports community including networking, creating official and unofficial teams & competitions, socializing, news, live scores, watching live competitions, finding & booking services & courses, finding & purchasing products, promoting skills, searching and applying jobs and adverts


A. Individuals:
Fans, Amateur & Professional Sports Performers & Players, Coaches, Scouts, Referees, Managers, Medical Specialists, Legal Specialists, Media Experts, Finance Specialist, Agents

B. Organizations:
Sports Clubs, Academies, Federations and Associations

C. Businesses:
Sports Venues & Complexes, Gyms, Sports Equipment Providers, Sports Media, Professional Service Providers such as Legal and Financial Services Companies



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Special Deal for The Hub

SportivePeople is offering World’s Sports Community one stop digital platform to meet its versatile needs under one roof platform.

a. Networking
– Get connected with Sports Individuals, Fans, Players, Managers, Clubs, Academies, Businesses
– Share skills, multimedia, news, adverts, services & products
– Rating & Reviews
– Certificates, accreditations
– Geolocation based profile, club, academy, venue searches and networking

b. Organizing Teams
– Official and Unofficial Teams
– Players, Managers, Executives, Sponsors

c. Organizing Events
– Conferences, Ceremonies
– Trainings
– Geolocation based events

d. Organizing Competitions
– Official and Unofficial Tournaments and Leagues
– Matches, Games, Race and Contest
– Geolocation based competitions

e. Solidarity & Lobbying
– Fan Groups
– Customer Lobbies
– Geolocation based groups & lobbies

f. Sharing & Getting Latest Updates
– Fan Pages
– Club Sports Branch Pages

g. Watching Live Competitions
– Live streams of amateur and professional all matches, games, tournaments and leagues

h. Latest News & Live Results
– Sports Channels
– Geolocation based news and updates

i. Jobs & Adverts
– Jobs
– Adverts and Requests

j. Finding & Booking Sports Services
– Classes & Trainings
– Services & Treatments
– Consultancy
– Geolocation based search of venues, services and bookings

k. Finding & Buying Sports Products
– Equipment & Products
– Sportswear
– Tickets
– Memberships

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