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Marketplace for selling early stage IT and digital ventures | SiliconRoundabout: The Hub
Marketplace for selling early stage IT and digital ventures
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CrowdMnA.com is a new marketplace for the sale of IT, digital and technology ventures, often considered too early, uneconomical or difficult to sell. CrowdMnA.com specialises in selling ventures at all stages of development as early as prototype, pre-users and pre-revenue.

Ventures can be sold by auction or private offer to thousands of visiting buyers, as well as using crowdsourcing to enable sellers to incentivise thousands of business executives and IT professionals to use their connections to source acquirers with banking style incentives.

The entire sale process is performed online, including a free sales and purchase agreement saving both parties thousands of pounds.



Special Deal for The Hub

We charge a small display fee of £49 for a 3 month display on CrowdMnA.com. As a special offer to SR HUB members, should we not be successful in selling your venture in that 3 month period, we will offer you a further 3 month period of display for FREE. To get this offer, email us at contact@crowdmna.com

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