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  • The UK Outpaced US and China in Venture Capital Growth in 2019 January 18, 2020
    It’s official: Venture Capital investment in UK tech startups surged by 44% in 2019. This means the country’s boom in the technology sector investment keeps to outpace that of the US, China, Germany, and France.Startup pitching event at Silicon Roundabout, LondonNew data from the government’s Digital Economy Council suggests that around £10.1bn ($13.2bn) was pumped into […]
  • Deep Tech investment continues to gain steam in Europe. July 15, 2019
    Deep Tech investment continues to gain steam in EuropeAccording to VC market analysis platform DealRoom, in 2018, over €8 billion was invested in European startups with a Deep Tech edge.Since the start of 2019, over 100 seed and early growth European Deep Tech startups have already been backed by VCs. DealRoom’s data show that most of these […]
  • Could You Name Five Famous Women In Tech? July 12, 2019
    Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on UnsplashNaming five famous women in tech isn’t a conundrum pub quiz question that’s actually simpler than you think. Nor is one of the answers “Alexa”. It’s a bonafide head-scratcher. And having pondered this for some time, and then searched on Google, I found the answer: I could name none.This comes a full […]

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What is Silicon Roundabout?

Silicon Roundabout is the largest tech community in Europe, which has grown out of our historical London meetup to become a 13k strong group and counting! Silicon Roundabout has always been about Startups, founders, idea-people, tech guys, entrepreneurs, investors, and startup enthusiasts wishing to turn the future into reality.

Together, we’ve become a brand that has spawned landmark startup events and innovation hotspots such as Fintech Week and London Blockchain Week. Our meetups continue to offer the spotlight to both fresh and growing startups each month and we proud ourselves in personally connecting developers, investors, and early adopters to the best startup innovators on the scene.

We’ve now built The Hub so that all the best startups in London, the UK, and Europe can join us and reach out to our community of investors, early adopters, entrepreneurs, and developers. Think of this platform as AngelList meets Product Hunt for Europe and as a vehicle to pitch in person on our legendary stage in London. Whether you are hunting for the coolest innovation around, looking for an exciting new career in tech, or are actually launching a startup yourself we’ve got you cover! Sign up and join the Silicon Roundabout Revolution!


Video Intro to The Hub:


How do I submit my startup page?

Since we take content on our website very seriously, we review each product submission before releasing it on the website.

If you’d like to post your startup on SiliconRoundabout, simply click the “+” button at the top right of your screen once you are logged in. Alternatively, follow this link. We will review it and post it once approved.


What is the Special Deal part?

This platform is all about commecting with the Silicon Roundabout community, from our partner investors to the tech enthusiats that fill up our monthly meetups. To join our listings we require startups to share something for those early adopters that try out their products through this platform. It is ultimately up to you what you are prepared to offer, but we usually see extra free-trial time, utility tokens, limited edition features, free upgrades, and other valuable incentives for new clients and adopters for the startup product. We reserve the right to delist startups that do not adhere to our ‘special deal’ policy.


How do I join or organize a Silicon Roundabout meetup?

Silicon Roundabot meetups are a fun opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs in your city. Visit our meetup page for a list of upcoming eventsin the City of London and if you’re interested in organizing one in your city, let us know — we’ll help spread the word 🙂


How do I sponsor a Silicon Roundabout event?

If your corporation would like to sponsor an event with Silicon Roundabout, please contact us.



How Do I Get My Product/Startup Promoted?

Promoted Products is a paid feature that helps people gain visibility on the Silicon Roundabout homepage and newsletter. These posts are annotated with a “FEATURED” badge and can help resurface an existing product or help gain momentum for the newly created ones. You don’t NEED to be Featured to gain traction, especially if you can organically get people onto the platform and vote for your project. However, it can massively increase exposure and help your Project succeed.

You can also have your product, company or startup project Promoted on the headline slider for a week.

To enquire about promotion, please contact us


Can you help me find career opportunities?

In one word: yes! Head over to our jobs section. We would love to help you get there. If you have the right skills, we will match you up with companies who partner with us.


I want to grow my business idea: is this the right place?

We are all about empowering startups, idea-people, and businesses. Whether you want to connect with your future CTO, PA, junior developers, investors, or even mentors or early adopters, this is the right place. Tell us what you are about and post your project on the platform. The first step? Subscribe, fill in your profile, and connect with or handpicked startup Resources (or post a job/co-founding enquiry)



How do I keep up to date with the events in London?

Join our Meetup group! And don’t forget to sign up for the events you want to attend following the links to their respective Eventbrite pages



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