Silicon Roundabout “Meet a Startup” Full-Stack Recruitment [London]

Silicon Roundabout: Recruitment Event

Meet 50+ skilled software engineers over the course of the evening! Our events are designed to include interesting topics that draw in talented developers. That’s why our show-up rate is the highest in the industry! In addition, we only invite developers who are experienced in the field and are interested in other opportunities.

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Key Benefits for Recruiters

*Meet 50+ skilled developers in one evening

*Over 2 hours of recruitment time at the event

*Recruit the best and build your team

*Build relationships, have real conversations, sell them on your company

*Pre-screened candidates– only Full-stack developers attending

*Get the attendee list along with skills, contact info, experience

*Free Food and drinks, Relaxed environment, Great speeches and content!

Full-Stack Developers Only – Meet 50+ in one evening!

This event is only for developers who have at least 2 years full-stack development experience. Over 50% have 6+ year’s experience. They are currently employed but open to other opportunities… your job at this event is to meet and mingle with these talented developers, chat up your company and team, build a relationship, find out their skills to see if they would be a fit with your company, and find out their goals so your recruiting team can follow up easily after the event. 

This event is relaxed and fun, encourages conversations, and gives you the opportunity you’ve been looking for– get into a room with ONLY talented developers, build relationships with them and get them in your recruitment pipeline.


We design our event to offer value to engineers… We’re not like every other boring “recruitment fair”. That’s why high quality, experienced developers attend our events.

We have snacks, drinks, interesting talks, small-group discussions and of course plenty of time for you to network and meet skilled developers. Free Drinks will be provided during the Networking session and will stay available until stock lasts! 

Future of Startups Event: February 12th 2019

6pm – 6:30pm  Networking snacks and drinks (Opportunity to meet and recruit!)

6:30pm – 6:45pm  Sponsor talks


6:45pm – 7pm  Speech 1: “Tech Challenges Startups Face” by Luke Riordan at BuffaloGrid –

7pm – 7:15pm  Small Group Discussion (Opportunity to meet and recruit!)

*Groups chat about topics, companies join groups and mingle

7:15pm – 7:30pm  Speech 2: “Essential Tech Skills for Scaling Startups” by Johnnie Ball and Mike Hancock at Fluidly –

7:30pm – 7:45pm  Small Group Discussion (Opportunity to meet and recruit!)

7:45 – 8pm  Speech 3: “Case Study on Fresh Tech: Chat Commerce” by Jason Green, Principal Developer at Threads Styling –

8pm – 8:15pm  Small Group Discussion (Opportunity to meet and recruit!)

8:15pm – 9:30pm  “Meet a Startup” networking and recruiting, Food and drinks

*Startups and established companies have table discussions, developers rotate around the room meeting them. Company representatives can also mingle in room, get snacks and drinks, and recruit anywhere in the venue.

9:30pm  Event Ends

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Q: Will I receive a list of the engineers attending?

A: Yes! We provide the full attendee list along with their contact information, coding skills, experience, etc.

Q: Why do skilled developers attend your events and how do you know they will show-up?

A: All our events offer value, something lacking at most recruitment events. Our events are FUN, cover topics interesting to developers, and give them the opportunity to meet interesting companies in a comfortable environment.

Q: I want to be a speaker at your events!

A: Sounds great! Send us an email at