Silicon Roundabout & Kodiri – FullStack Tech-Challenge: Pizza & Jobs meetup

FullStack Tech-Challenge: Pizza & Jobs “HackerNet” meetup



Are you ready for the most exciting tech challenge for Fullstack developers this year?

Ready to show off your skills and have a lot of fun with 50 other developers?

Money-Mouth Face EmojiReady to be crowned best dev in London and win up to £250 inprizes? Hacker Cat Emoji on Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Meet engineering teams, startups and tech companies in a fun format! Hear speeches from senior startup tech teams, network with other developers in London, and mingle with companies who want to meet skilled developers and chat about their current projects and new open positions.

beerFree Pizza and Drinks will be provided! slice,pizza



We design our event to offer value to developers. We’re not like any other conference or startup fair– every one of our events has interesting, quality speakers, small group chats, and dedicated time to meet startup companies that are looking to meet developers like you. 

  • Hear about the exciting new tech being developed by the developers at these startups

  • Compete in the most exciting Full-stack Code War in London in 2019
  • Meet startups that are hiring

  • Free food and drinks

  • Network with other skilled developers like you!

Coding Challenge, Tech & Jobs Event: September 24th 2019

6pm – 6:30pm Networking snacks and drinks (Opportunity to meet and recruit!)


6:30pm – 7:00pm  Talks


7:00pm – 8:30pm  Tech Challenge & Prizes Awards!

8:30pm – 9:00pm  networking (Opportunity to meet up!) Food and drinks (PIZZA!)


*Groups chat about topics, companies join groups and mingle

*Startups and established companies have table discussions, developers rotate around the room meeting them. 

 9:00pm  Event Ends



Challenge Prizes:

There will be 3 paralle tracks you can join. The winner of each track will receive a cash prize:


£250 – Senior Developers Track


£100 – Mid-Level Developers Track


£50 – Junior Developers Track



Our Sponsors:

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London Metropolitan Incubator – Host Sponsor

Who is it for:

  • If you want to discover new trends and projects in technology and software development

  • If you are looking for new opportunities and want to hear about open roles 

  • If you want to hear tech talks from startup engineering teams

  • If you want to meet and network with interesting startups and tech companies

  • If you want to network with other skilled developers in London

  • If you are looking for a fun evening with like-minded folks!


Q: What companies are attending?

A: Companies vary at each event, but there are always great startups and tech companies to meet and mingle with during the networking session at the end of the event. You can hear about cutting edge projects, learn about what positions may be available, or just build your network.

Q: Why do other developers attend your events?

A: All our events offer value, something lacking at most events. Our events are FUN, cover topics interesting to developers, and give them the opportunity to meet interesting companies in a comfortable environment. Free food and drinks are just a bonus!

Q: I’m actually a company that is recruiting developers, not a developer!

A: Sounds great! Send us an email at


Please avoid getting a ticket if you are NOT a full-stack developer and DO REMEMBER to GIVE UP your seat if you CAN’T ATTEND, please. Seats are really limited for this one. We thank you in advance for your consideration towards others.

Thank you,

The Silicon Roundabout Team