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Recruit in Tech the “Startup way”: Best way to find developers for your Project or Company


Are you a Startup Founder? Or maybe you work in HR for a Tech Company? If so then join Silicon Roundabout in this exclusive workshop on how to find the best tech talent for your needs. Whether you are considering to outsource, hire locally, hire remotely, or get contractors in, this workshop will help you assess the best strategy for your needs.

In today’s IT market there is a simple truth: neither entrepreneurs, nor HR, nor recruiters really understand developers. Unless, of course, they are themselves developers. Because of this, most entrepreneurs as well as large businesses struggle to attract the right tech talent or to choose the right IT agencies/contractors. And even when they manage to, there might be better options in today’s world that should be considered before jumping into a desperate search for the right tech guy(s).

This workshop condenses Silicon Roundabout’s tried and tested approach to finding the best IT solution for projects of any size into a one-day sprint. If you are an entrepreneur whishing to build a new app or if you are an international tech company, your needs will be wildly different, but the options available are largeley the same in today’s market:

  • Local Recruitment

  • Remote Recruitment

  • Contractors/Agencies

…And you should be aware of how to choose the best person/people to hire depending on your own objectives and current business structure.

This workshop will show you exactly how to best make this choice, from the perspective of an organisation which has worked with hundreds of tech companies wanting to hire developers, co-founders, or external contractors.

From large fintech scaleups and businesses undergoing a digital transformation, to a one-man entrepreneur wanting to build an MVP, we have seen it all. And in this workshop we are going to show you what works, what doesn’t, and what to be aware of in order to hack your way to the best talent without wasting time, money and resources.

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new tech product, or are gorwing the team working on an existing one, this workshop will help to make your business a market-leader, not a market-follower.

What will you learn?

  • How to understand your team needs
  • How to assess the options available
  • How to prepare to outsource or have remote work done
  • Why it matters to be about “them” not about “you”
  • How to always stay ahead of your competitors
  • How not to attract time wasters whilst appealing the best talent
  • …and more!

Workshop Host

Francesco Perticarari is a software developer turned entrepreneur and one of the directors of Silicon Roundabout. After years of helping startups and big companies as a grassroot community, Silicon Roundabout has become a market leader in the London tech scene by organising monthly events where Tech Companies such as Oracle, Capco or Google showcase and talk next to innovative startups. Recently, the team at Silicon Roundabout has helped scaleups and tech companies meet and hire developers for positions ranging from front-end to backend and from mobile permanants to full-stack contractors.

Who is the workshop for for:

  • HR managers
  • Established startups that want to outsource or struggle to hire developers
  • Innovation or marketing managers in larger companies that want to learn new ways to rapidly grow new products and services



Please avoid getting a ticket if you are NOT a Startup founder and DO REMEMBER to GIVE UP your seat if you CAN’T ATTEND, please. Seats are really limited for this one. We thank you in advance for your consideration towards others.

Thank you,

The Silicon Roundabout Team