• Sama 0 Open Positions
    Sama is tackling the $7 trillion employee engagement problem by democratising professional coaching. Sama is building a scalable B2B2C subscription-based solution to provide employees....
  • Silicon Roundabout 0 Open Positions
    SiliconRoundabout is the Biggest Tech Community in Europe with over 14,000 startups, engineers and tech investors.We host, connect and empower Startups, Tech Companies, and....
  • Matchpint 0 Open Positions
  • Punk Money 0 Open Positions
    Did you know that 50% of the UK population are currently in Financial hardship, and 16 million people have less than £100 in the....
  • Office & Dragons 0 Open Positions
    Office & Dragons is an early stage lawtech start-up that aims to make work pleasant, fulfilling, and productive by providing the fastest, simplest, and....
  • Pesky Fish 0 Open Positions
    Pesky was set up with a single ambition: to feed the world sustainably with seafood. To delivery it, we are building a global supply....
  • SW7 Group 0 Open Positions
    Next generation solutions to problems that matter. Information - Healthcare - Carbontech. Machine intelligence. For humanity.
  • FIXR 0 Open Positions
    FIXR is a VC-backed digital events marketplace for university students. Providing digital event management solutions across a broad range of event types. Our platform....
  • Room Furnisher Ltd 0 Open Positions
    We are developing technologies which will revolutionise the way people buy and sell furniture and design their homes.

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