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What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a difficult and complex question to answer, especially when the employment landscape continues to evolve so rapidly.

Student debt, skills shortages, graduate employment, poor career advice, social mobility; these are all issues that are regularly in the news in the UK and internationally.

Selfsuite is a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications that engage, entertain, inform, motivate and empower teenagers to plot their path from classroom to career.

Through an innovative combination of design, data resources, profiling, gamefication, a.i and other technologies Selfsuite delivers an immersive experience unlike anything else available on the market. It makes it possible for a young person to explore themselves and explore the full range of opportunities which are open to them.



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A Complimentary 2-hour Brand Appraisal by Glenn Greenhill (CEO of Selfsuite). This can be for your company or for a start-up venture. The offer will comprise 90 minutes of research + analysis + assessment time which I will undertake prior to 30 minutes one-to-one consultancy time. This can be done via email and then with a Skype call. Please use the link below to view my portfolio of case studies.

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