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Leaseum Partners

Leaseum Partners introduces a new model of blockchain-based real estate investments that will combine the best of both real estate investment management & blockchain worlds, making it significantly more attractive for investors in terms of liquidity, customisability, security, transparency and market access.
Leaseum Partners will issue Leaseum security tokens and invest the proceeds through a traditional Fund focused on Core-Plus commercial Real Estate located in the US. Such digital proof of ownership of the Fund’s interest can be traded at low cost 24/7, which allows investors to bypass standard 5+year lock-up periods imposed within the commercial Real Estate industry. Real assets-backed Leaseum tokens generate continuous income with defensive qualities.
This unique offering is led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in real estate, private equity, asset management, investment banking, capital markets, consulting, securities law, internet startups and blockchain.


Special Deal for The Hub

Our portfolio manager is Michael Chetrit from the Chetrit Group, a well-known single family office which ranks amongst the biggest private investors in US real estate. His worked deals including Sony building in New York and Willis Tower in Chicago.

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Francesco Perticarari
Francesco Perticarari

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