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Chatbot Author, a Windows 10 Azure product, enables an individual or organisation to build their own IP in the form of working and measurable knowledge assets through scripted chatbot conversations. Chatbot Author is a new generation of universal tool to create, share, measure and evolve chatbots for repeatable knowledge driven tasks, benefiting from the automated generation of a dialogue-data audit trail for compliance automation and emergent evidence. Chatbot Author automatically generates microservice software, which is frictionlessly integrated with the client’s Azure Botframework for omnichannel access and coexistence with Microsoft’s natural language processing, cognitive services, big data visualisation and machine learning. Chatbot Author is suited to regulatory, statutory, policy and procedural knowledge, where there is a requirement to follow prescriptive steps. By reinventing the way knowledge is used in practice impacts everything from productivity to instant upskilling.



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Special Deal for The Hub

Df2020 will provide up to a one-hour consultation for each SR HUB member interested to create, share, evolve and measure their own knowledge assets using Chatbot Author. This offer is available until 30th September 2018 to those that apply via the special deal link below and quote “Freddie’s Chatbot Offer”. Please note all consultations must be completed by 30th November 2018. We will provide a 30-day promo code for any member after the one-hour consultation that could create knowledge assets aligned with Df2020’s priorities.

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    If I understand well, this "bot" is a kind of flow system where an answer leads to the next. Is there any conversational "AI" processing other than this strictly deterministic path of "if this, then go to that"?
    Freddie McMahon
    @davidb Thanks for the question. Your understanding is correct. DF2020: stands for Decisions Flow so your comment "is a kind of flow system" is quite apt. Our approach is scripted dialogue based on deterministic choices, pathways and outcomes defined within a Knowledge Map. One Knowledge Map equals one Chatbot. A Knowledge Map pathway can link to another Knowledge Map so you can create an ecosystem of Chatbots. This is primarily aimed at governance, regulatory, statutory, policy or standard operating procedures, which are deterministic in nature. The chatbot microservice is generated automatically and frictionlessly integrated with Azure Botframework. This empowers end-users to build these type of chatbots. As a microservice it can be mixed with other microservices such as for Natural Language Processing and Single Question, Single Answer, and much more which are provided by Microsoft or other vendors. The orchestration is via the Conversational User Interface.
    Can this tech be implemented into any website?
    Freddie McMahon
    @donnamiller Thank you for the question. Our frictionless link with the Microsoft Bot Framework supports 14 Channels. One of the channels is called WebChat, which is designed for the chatbot to be accessed from as many browser websites and applications as required. You can create your own Conversational User Interface using another Channel called Direct Line which can be linked to WebChat or for Mobile Apps. You can link with the Microsoft Cognitive Services so you can have real-time language translation and real-time voice translation. Plus much more. Hopefully that helps answer your question.

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Francesco Perticarari

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