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  • Time To Rebrand Drones: Tools Not Toys March 27, 2019
    The potential for drone technology to automate the world’s most dangerous jobs is underrepresented in a space dominated by controversy.Continue reading on Silicon Roundabout Hub »
  • Why the transformation from IoT to SaaS is the pivot that matters December 13, 2018
    What business bibles are on your bookshelf? Photo by Kaleidico on UnsplashMultiple startup CEO, William Bainborough, talks about developing a manufacturers’ agnostic product that is competitor-less.Most of us will never have to make business-critical decisions. For others, first business decisions are also the last, as the project crashes. For some people, however, decision making is an […]
  • How Is IoT Driving Sustainable Change? December 3, 2018
    Photo by NASA on UnsplashIoT expert Pilgrim Beart shares his insight on how IoT is supporting sustainability, from electric cars to food waste.Think of IoT and for the many it’s bleeping fridges and irritating smart speakers that literally have a ‘mind’ of their own.Speak to an expert and you get the real world of IoT: exciting technology concerned […]

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