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Join 15,000+ πŸš€ founders & πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» engineers to be part of the largest tech meet-up community in Europe!!

🀝 Deeptech Community + VC Fund

πŸ“° Read all about Building, Investing & Working in European Deep Tech πŸ€–

How can a cybersecurity startup make threat hunting 4X faster and reduce cyber teams burnout?

Silicon Roundabout community startup Malizen is supercharging cybersecurity teams to help counter the growing talent gap of 3.4 million unfilled job

Too much data will kill your sales: here is how to deal with it

Learn how I use (and invested in) to capture and summarise information and action points across video and text conversations

A shift towards Robotics as VC firms become more selective about where They’re investing

A shift towards Robotics as VC firms look to the future and become more selective about where they’re investing

Why new VC funds offer the greatest opportunities in Venture Capital

Emerging VC funds offer high return opportunities, a new research shows. But interested investors also have to take into account major risks.

Join us at our Events

Meet Deep Tech πŸ‘· Founders and πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Engineers

We organise pitching events every month bringing tech founders, engineers & investors under one roof! Join us to network & find:

  • Fellow founders and their startups
  • Early adopters
  • 1-on-1 with the UK’s leading VCs
  • Talented engineers and PhDs

πŸ’Έ Some of the Investors in our Network 🀝

We run our own pre-seed to seed VC fund backing Deep Tech founders with the dedication of a VC and the founder-friendliness of an angel:

But our community is all about network and connections and our startups have received investment from some of the 100+ investors in our community and team’s network, such as:

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