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  • How to hunt down, recruit and keep software developers — the Startup Way June 24, 2019
    How to hunt down, recruit and keep software developers — the Startup WayHunter image from realtree.comSoftware development evolves rapidly and technology is increasingly shaping the way company go about doing business.In 2019, the biggest concern tech companies are dealing with is related to capacity— according to outsourcing development company CodingSans. That is: delivering working software even though the […]
  • Fancy a chat with a Silicon Valley Founder who had an Exit? May 28, 2019
    Startup exits are the most sought after events in Silicon Valley but very few people get to experience them.If you ever wanted to have a chat with founders that started, ran and sold a tech company to learn about how it all went down, then read on.The Swarming of Silicon Valley, CA | image from dabrownstein.wordpress.comMy […]
  • Google takes on Uber (again) through Deliveroo Investment May 17, 2019
    Want to keep up with Tech in UK and Europe? Join Silicon Roundabout here.Deliveroo and UberEats riders (image source: marketingdirecto.com)Amazon.com is leading a $575 million investment in the UK Startup Deliveroo.Amazon Explores Autonomous Delivery Vehicles (source: thedrive.com)This moves means buying a slice of the food delivery company, which is growing rapidly across Europe, and taking […]

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